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Rent Recovery

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What is the process for rent recovery and the courts?

Rent Recovery

Rent recovery services advice:

You may be able, or be forced, to take a tenant to Court to resolve issues such as damage charges, fees, non-payment of rent or early lease termination. We should all try to avoid this by knowing what we (both Landlord and Tenant, are agreeing to when we agree to accepting and paying rent. Both parties are obligated to each other.

Many states and courts have a district Landlord-Tenant Court to handle Tenant-Landlord disputes. Those that do not, you proceed in Small Claims Court. Small Claims Court normally handles matters less then a certain dollar amount, typically under $3500 or less. Check with your local court house for details.

Be sure to have completely thought through the circumstances of the events that bring you to this decision. Fully document the details as well as a summary. Have receipts, pictures or any other items to back-up your claim. If you are a using a collection agency, you may be able to get documentation from them.

If you are scheduled to go to court, be sure to show on that day and time. Failure to show usually results in a judgment for the other party.



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