Direct Response Marketing Debt Collection Tips

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How can direct response marketing help or hurt my business?

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing debt collection tips:

You may not be thinking of debt collection when you are considering a Direct Response Marketing campaign but it is a consequence that you should consider. There is a high rate of delinquency associated with direct reponse marketing campaigns and that will effect the bottom line of your business. Here are some pros and cons of direct response marketing:

*Advertisers acquire or enhance a data base of individual customers.
*Customers are served with a greater selection from a central inventory.
*Response options enable audience to act right after exposure occurs.
*No store is required and customers can buy from their own homes.

*Customers can't handle or inspect the product before purchasing.
*Merchandise returns and subscription cancellations may be numerous.
*Seller reputation and prestige may be compromised by the poor image of the method.
*Customers may not pay their bills leading to potential debt collection costs

How do I collect debt from a Direct Marketing campaign?

Direct Marketing and Debt Collection

The Direct Marketing industry is often plagued with bad debt which translates into hard times for the business owner. Direct Marketing is the method by which a small or large company advertises on television or the web and provides a toll free phone number to call. Many of the customers who call may find a way to shirk their bill while enjoying the product that has already been shipped to them. There are many collection agencies that specialize in this kind of volume debt collection and that have the technology and automation to simplify the process.

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