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Why do companies use collection agencies?

Why Do Companies Use Collection Agencies?

Collection agencies provide a service to businesses that want to serve some of the following needs.

1. A company is too small to have a collection department of their own.
2. A company lacks the expertise to collect the money themselves.
3. A company wants to protect their company image and not get their hands "dirty."
4. A company thinks a collection agency will get faster results.

What is a collection agency?

What is a Collection Agency?

A collection agency is an organization that obtains or arranges for payment of money owed to a third party; this could be a person or a company. Sometimes this is even a task taken on by an attorney or a law firm. The collection agency typically develops a fee structure based on a percentage of the moneys collected from bad debtors.

What are some facts about the debt collection industry?

Collection Agency Industry Facts

Collection Agency Tips:

Fact: Collection agencies nationwide have tripled their income in the past 10 years and boosted staff levels by 50 percent in the past five years, according to industry figures.

Fact: In the past three years, fewer than 1 percent of consumers who dealt with a collection agency filed a complaint with the association.

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