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Call Center Services

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Call Center Services

More about debt collection services: Although many collection agencies have experienced tremendous success with the letter package and credit bureau reporting, there are some debtors that respond to personal contact. Collection agency call center services are available to communicate directly with your debtor if you feel it would be helpful. Frequently, a telephone call as a follow up to the initial letter may be the one extra step required to make a collection successful. Experienced collectors will make a "courtesy call" to a debtor approximately 3-10 days following the mailing of the second letter. The purpose of this "courtesy call" is to impress upon your debtor the seriousness of your claim and your desire to resolve it as expeditiously as possible. It should not be the intention to harrass, threaten or scare the debtor. Every call should be handled with the utmost in professionalism and in compliance with all debt collection laws.

In these cases, you would simply provide the debtors' telephone number and best time to contact him and leave the rest to the collection agency. Up to four attempts should be made to contact the debtor on your behalf. He will be notified that he is being called by a collection agency as a follow up to the letter he had received. The collection agent will state that they are calling as your representative and that this is merely a "courtesy call" to explain the importance of your claim. You should be notified immediately of any offer for settlement, payment arrangement or dispute of your claim.



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