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Online Credit Collection Services

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How do I go about using automated online collection services?

Online Credit Collection Services

About debt collection services: The amount of data-laden paper exchanging hands between associations and their members has never been greater—or more difficult to manage—than it is today. Data for dues collection, membership surveys, conference registration and evaluations, and member testing and certification must be collected, analyzed, reported, and stored. Since the emergence of the Internet, the proliferation of do-it-yourself business models have flourished in many industries. Now we are able to go online and purchase goods, trade stocks and do our banking. It is with that thought in mind that we developed a secure website that allows you, the creditor, to data enter debtor information, customize the formulation of collection letters, and report to the major credit bureaus. All for a small one time charge on your credit card. The automation makes it easy, quick and affordable. Some debt collection agencies include automated online collection services like:
* Member Attitude/Member Demographic Surveys
* Member Enrollment
* Balloting
* Census Services
* Conference/Course Enrollment
* Conference Evaluation
* Testing and Certification
* Instructor/Presenter Evaluation
* Employee Satisfaction Surveys



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