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Trans Union Corporation

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What information can be presented about the TransUnion credit bureau?

Trans Union Corporation

According to the official TransUnion website, TransUnion carefully safeguards the credit history of virtually every American consumer.

The existence of each individual's updated credit file makes it possible for businesses to make nearly instantaneous, objective credit and insurance decisions. Processes that formerly took days or weeks may now be completed in minutes without question of personal prejudice or subjective judgment. The TransUnion database also gives consumers more choices. It makes it possible for credit card issuers and other businesses to target their offers so that consumers may shop for the best products and terms. Ready access to reliable information makes the modern consumer economy possible.

The TransUnion credit bureau recognizes that there is a balance between the ready availability of credit information, which benefits consumers, and improper access that can infringe on consumer expectations of privacy. Consumers appreciate the benefits they derive from the consumer credit reporting system, as long as those benefits are not outweighed by the potential harm caused if personal information is used improperly.



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