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B2B Relationship

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What kind of sample collection letters should be sent from one business to another business?

B2B Relationship

About debt collection letters:

Here is a sample collection letter to send from one business to another business who is behind making their payments:

(Your Letterhead)

(Address Element) (Date)

RE: Your Past-Due Account

Dear Mr. John Doe, owner of Business 1,
I must confess that I am somewhat perplexed by your refusal to at least return my phone calls. Your surprising failure to communicate has left me no choice but to close your firm's credit line with us. We have supplied high quality goods and services to you in a timely manner, fully living up to the terms of our agreement. In return, we expected you to meet your obligations. Past-due accounts are charged interest at a rate of _________. This means that, as of today, your original balance of $________ has risen to $________, and the balance due will continue to grow. I hope that you will give this important matter the full attention it deserves by calling me today and making arrangements to keep your part of the bargain.

Owner of Business 2



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