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More Bad Debt Collection Letters

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What are some examples of bad debt collection letters?

More Bad Debt Collection Letters

Hopefully your letter will yield some results. You should receive the payment or at least a phone call to make payment arrangements. If, however, another week goes by without a check or a phone call, the debtor reaches a new plateau. If a consumer is at the 45-day mark and you have not yet been paid, it is time to up the results a bit. After all, in 2 weeks, they will be at the sixty days past due mark. This time, write a past due debt collection letter and send it via certified mail with a return receipt, evidence that it was received.

(Address Element) (Date)

Account #_____________________________

Balance Due: $____________

Minimum Payment Due: $___________

Dear Mr. John Doe:
Your account is seriously past due! You have not sent us the previous month's payment and, in a short time, another monthly payment will be due. While we appreciate your business, we find your failure to communicate with us disquieting. Please be advised that we cannot consider extending additional credit to you until you have paid off your past-due balance. Please send us your check in the amount of $________ today, or call our office to make payment arrangements. Thank you.

Creditor Company (or name of business)



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