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Letter for Receiving Partial Payment

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What are some examples of bad debt collection letters?

Letter for Receiving Partial Payment

Another example of a bad debt collection letter is to send a thank you letter for receiving partial payment from your customer. A simple, friendly letter will be alright:

(Address Element) (Date)

Account #_____________________________

Balance Due: $____________

Minimum Payment Due: $___________

Dear Mr. John Doe:
Thank you for your partial payment of $___________, which has been applied to your account. We appreciate your business, and we are certain that sending the wrong amount was merely an oversight. For the record, your minimum monthly payment is $_________. Please send us your check for at least $________ today to being your account up to date. Thank you very much.

Creditor Company (or name of business)



7/6/2007 1:07:01 PM
S harris said:

I think it is ridiculous to send a thank you letter for someone taking responsibility for something that should have never gone so far. Do you give a child because they cleaned their own room or give somebody a medal for going to work everyday? I think generic and to the point, this is what you paid and this is what you owe, when will you be paying again (why assume they are going to pay on the same date)?

12/5/2007 8:57:32 AM
ryder said:

this is okay for a payment that didn't meet guidelines. What about partial payment letter on accounts that have no arrangements? A partial payment made from a letter? also bring would work better than being.


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