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Contingency Collection Services

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What kind of contingency collection services are offered?

Contingency Collection Services

Contingency based debt collection process can be the most tenacious recovery effort in the country. It guarantees a relentless pursuit of your debtor through every means legally available. To learn more about our contingency based collection services look online.

Mulitple Files or Volume Collections- If you have over 100 delinquent commercial or consumer accounts and are seeking a discounted contingency based service, you can look online for customized software solutions. Some companies have the ability to accept an unlimited number of delinquent accounts in an electronic format, automatically print and mail collection notices, repeatedly report to all major credit bureaus, electronically make thousands of courtesy calls to debtors daily, and batch accounts to obtain updated addresses and phone numbers. This kind of automation can save you time, money and stress.

Contingency Collection Service - Some debt collection agencies enhance traditional collection methods by using a full legal staff, licensed private investigators, and trained collection agents that combine to create the best debt recovery specialists in the country. These companies often accept two (2) categories of debts for contingency based collections:

(1) Non-Judgments - If you have NOT gone to court, but have valid documentation providing proof of the debt.

(2) Judgments - If you have gone to court and received a court judgment.



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